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Terms and Conditions

Thank you for considering this vacation rental for your next vacation destination.  The following are the standard terms & conditions when renting any vacation rental represented by Vacation Concierge.  If booking directly, then a copy of the terms and conditions will be sent as included in the rental agreement prior to booking.  If a booking was made via Airbnb and / or VRBO the same terms and conditions are noted on the reservation on the booking site. 

By accepting the booking you are acknowledging and accepting the following terms and conditions of your stay.

Responsible Guest must be 21 years of age to rent this home. Please attach a copy of a legally issued I.D. card or driver license showing proof of age upon booking.

Check-in time is no earlier than 4 pm PST. There is a limited window to completely clean, disinfect and set up for the next guests. Please respect this work schedule and do not arrive early. If you arrive earlier than the agreed upon arrival time you will be charged for one (1) additional night‘s stay.

Checkout time is no later than 10 am PST the day you are scheduled to leave. We must be able to enter the home at 10 a.m. If you do not vacate the premises on time, you will be charged for one (1) additional night‘s stay.

There is no access for mail delivery directly to the property. If you need to have mail delivered during your stay, please contact the local Post Office to make arrangements for temporary mail delivery.

Guest shall be required to vacate the premises on or before “Check out” (see above) unless Vacation Concierge, Inc., hereafter referred to as ‘VC’) and Guest formally extend this agreement in writing or create and execute a new, written, and signed agreement. Guest shall surrender the premises in as good a state and condition as they were at the commencement of this agreement, reasonable use and wear and tear thereof and damages by the elements (and not caused or contributed to by Guest) excepted.

If you are considering renting beyond your “Check out” date, availability is not guaranteed.  Please contact VC immediately for availability.  Appropriate deposit and rent would be due prior to your “Check out” date. Otherwise, the premises will be considered available for rent.  Planning ahead increases your chances that the premises will be available.

VC will email a receipt in pdf format for every transaction noted in the payment schedule.  Once the rental agreement is fully funded and VC has received a signed copy of this rental agreement VC will email a final receipt for payment along with the arrival instructions and directions, the complete address, lock box code, and contact information.


Emergency information, wireless internet information, local phone number, departure and check out procedures & instructions, and most any other information you may need during you stay can be found in the Guest Guidebook at the rental.


As a courtesy, VC offers the following set of initial consumables upon arrival. Refills may be found at the local grocery store:  Paper towels, tissues, dishwasher soap, hand soap, toilet paper, fresh sponge, and laundry soap.

There may be some games & movies at this rental. Some games may have small pieces or parts and are not suitable for young children, i.e. toddlers and infants, who may put things in their mouths. Do not allow young children to play unsupervised with games.

Daily maid service is not included in the rate of rental.  Additional cleaning services may be arranged for an additional fee. Please contact VC to arrange.

A few courtesy amenities such as beach chairs, towels, and beach toys may have been provided for your use at no additional charge.  Please do not lose or break them.  However, accidents do happen. So, if an item is damaged or lost please take a photo of it the damaged item and contact Vacation Concierge immediately to file a claim for a replacement. 


If the booking is made less than 30 days in advance, then the total balance of the contract will need to be paid to confirm the reservation. We do not hold reservations and check in will not occur unless the total amount of the agreement has been paid and cleared prior to check in.

In the event payment is returned for insufficient funds ("NSF") at $50 fee will be added to the transaction.  Or if Guest stops payment, VC has the option to cancel the reservation altogether and re-rent the dates or require that the Guest pay rent with a cashier’s check for the total amount of the contract and that all future rent payments shall be remitted by Guest to VC by cashier’s check.

Extended stays are based on current availability at the time of the request and will be charged on a prorated nightly basis as negotiated between VC and GUEST.   Guest is to notify Vacation Concierge of any extended nights and pay for the extended nights in full with a signed addendum or new rental agreement in advance within 48 hours of notification to hold the reservation.

Pets: If this rental allows pets… Dogs only under 25lbs are allowed for an additional fee as noted in the estimate.  Service dogs are allowed at a discounted rate with written proof of certification along with a photo of the service animal wearing the officially issued service vest.


Bookings canceled 60 days before the check in date will receive a 100% refund of total contract.
Bookings canceled between 60 and 30 days before the check in date will receive a 50% refund of total contract.
No refunds for cancellations 30 days before the check in date.
After the check in date there will be no refunds and no credit will be given for shortened stays due to late arrival or early departure. 
No cancellations due to weather

Non-Delivery of Possession.  In the event VC cannot deliver possession of the premises to Guest upon the commencement of the lease term, through no fault of VC or its agents, then VC or its agents shall have no liability, but the rental herein provided shall abate until possession is given.  In the event possession cannot be delivered within such time, through no fault of VC or its agents, then this Agreement and all rights hereunder shall terminate.

Circumstances beyond OWNER or VACATION CONCIERGE'S Control.  The examples noted below are not a comprehensive list and may or may not apply to this rental:

Any issues involving any construction work or routine maintenance by another home owner or the association to the interior or exterior of other units or the exterior of this unit including the private patio deck area, the parking lot or parking structure, landscaping, irrigation, maintenance or repair to the common grounds, maintenance to the pool, spa, and pool deck area as well as the condition of these areas are beyond the OWNER and VACATION CONCIERGE'S control.  While these issues are not common and not likely to occur during your stay, they are not grounds for cancellation of the reservation or a refund.

If a significant amenity or routine maintenance task within the surrounding community affects the habitability or operation of the rental for longer than 24 hours for reasons beyond Vacation Concierge or the Owners control then $50 will be refunded to the GUEST. If the non-operational amenity is not accessible for longer than 48 hours then the equivalency of up to ta a single night stay for inconvenience may be credited back to the Guest for the inconvenience.   Such amenities and routine maintenance tasks may be, but are not limited to, possible closure of the community pool and spa (if provided), repaving the streets or drives, pest control maintenance, etc.

Any amenities inside / outside the vacation unit that VC or the Owner has complete control that are not considered necessary for habitability when brought to Vacation Concierge's attention in a reasonable time frame in which the item is to be repaired or replaced will be addressed.  Vacation Concierge will do everything in their power to fix the non-operable amenity quickly during GUEST stay.  This would include, but not be limited to, DVD players, fountains, fire pits, barbecues, second bedroom TVs, etc. No prorated credit toward the rent or refund will be given for non-operational non-habitability amenities.

Property Damage Policy: All reservations shall require a damage protection policy (PDP) as issued by CSA and are non-refundable.  Cash deposits equivalent of the total coverage offered by the CSA property damage policy can be made in lieu of purchasing a property damage policy.  Cash deposits are not applied toward rent or any other required deposits.  The cost of the policy and total amount covered are noted as a separate line item on the reservation.  Damages covered by the policy are noted in a separate policy agreement issued by CSA directly to the Guest.  Cash deposits are refundable within 30 days (one billing cycle) after check out provided the following have been met:


  • No damage is done to the common areas, the home or its contents beyond normal wear and tear.

  • No charges are incurred due to contraband, pets, or collection of rents or services during the stay.

  • All debris, rubbish, and discards are placed in community dumpster or trash cans.  Please check the Guidebook for pick up dates – PLEASE PUT OUT OR THROW AWAY TRASH AT CHECK OUT REGARDLESS OF PICK UP DATE.  

  • If waste containers are provided specifically for this rental and are found to be overflowing it’s capacity because the waste service were not utilized during GUEST stay additional dumping fees will be imposed.     

  • All soiled dishes are placed in the dishwasher and dishwasher turned on before leaving.

  • All keys (if provided) left on the kitchen table in their designate spaces (or where they were found upon check-in).  There will be a replacement fee for any lost key and for any lost pool key replacement (if provided) at cost plus 50%.

  • Any charges accrued during the stay are paid prior to departure or will be deducted from the refundable deposit plus 50% surcharge.  Example of additional expenses: movies ordered through the cable company via the ‘on-demand’ feature, etc.

  • No linens, dishes, flatware, cookware, or any other furnishings are lost or damaged.

  • An additional fee of the equivalent of a single night stay will be imposed for an unauthorized late check out that requires the cleaning service to be rescheduled.

  • House has not been smoked in. If cigarette or other smoke is found the deposit will be forfeit and an additional fee of the equivalent of a single night stay will be imposed.

  • Guest is not evicted by VC, a representative of the VC, or local law enforcement.

  • Additional fees will be imposed if the home is found in an unsatisfactory condition, so please return it to the condition in which you found it.   


Refundable Security Deposit: 14 days after check out the deposit will be sent back to the guest assuming there wasn’t any repairs or damages caused by the guest.


  • Proof of age is required. 

  • House parties are strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate eviction.

  • Illegal substances are strictly prohibited and grounds for immediate eviction.

  • There is wildlife in the area. Guests are to respect nature and take care to guard themselves and their guests as appropriate. 

  • Any exceptions or modifications to this agreement, including the rules and regulations, require VC’s prior written consent.

  • Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.


The premises shall be used and occupied by Guest exclusively, as a private single family dwelling, and no part of the premises shall be used at any time during the term of this Agreement by Guest for the purposes of carrying on any business, profession, or trade of any kind, or for any purpose other than as a private single family dwelling.  Guest shall not allow any other person, other than Guest's immediate family or transient relatives and friends who are guests of Guest, to use or occupy the premises without first obtaining VC’s written consent to such use.   Guest shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and orders of any and all governmental or quasi-governmental authorities affecting the cleanliness, use, occupancy and preservation of the premises. No changes to, or changing of locks of the premises are permitted. No pictures, murals, mirrors, or other non-permanent or temporary art and / or furnishings or similar shall be added to the interior or exterior or shall be attached in any way to any portion of the premises. These premises will not be used as a location for amateur or professional film/video without written authorization by the Owner.


Abandonment. If at any time during the term of this agreement Guest abandons the premises or any part thereof, VC may, at VC's option, obtain possession of the premises in the manner provided by law, and without becoming liable to Guest for damages or for any payment of any kind whatever.  VC may, at VC’s discretion, as agent for Guest, re-let the premises, or any part thereof, for the whole or any part thereof, for the whole or any part of the then unexpired term, and may receive and collect all rent payable by virtue of such re-letting, and, at VC's option, hold Guest liable for any difference between the rent that would have been payable under this agreement during the balance of the unexpired term, if this agreement had continued in force, and the net rent for such period realized by VC by means of such re-letting.  If VC’s right of re-entry is exercised following abandonment of the premises by Guest, then VC shall consider any personal property belonging to Guest t and left on the premises to also have been abandoned, in which case VC may dispose of all such personal property in any manner VC shall deem proper and VC is hereby relieved of all liability for doing so.

Insurance.  By signing this agreement, GUEST acknowledges that all parties connected with agreement, including minor children under the age of 18 and guests of the GUEST, have health & liability insurance.   

Hazardous Materials.  Guest shall not keep on the premises any item of a dangerous, flammable or explosive character that might unreasonably increase the danger of fire or explosion on the premises or that might be considered hazardous or extra hazardous by any responsible insurance company. 

Attorneys’ Fees. Should it become necessary for VC to employ an attorney to enforce any of the conditions or covenants hereof, including the collection of rentals organizing possession of the premises, Guest agrees to pay all expenses so incurred, including reasonable attorneys' fees.

Force Majeure. There may be circumstances beyond our control and contemplation, in which the property might not be available for your booking. Examples of these include (but are not limited to) destruction of or severe damage to the property. In the event of Force Majeure, we will do our best to make alternative arrangements for you where possible. If we cannot, or if the alternative arrangements are not acceptable to you, then we will refund all monies paid. This will be the full extent of our liability to you in such circumstances, and we will not be responsible for any other costs connected with any such cancellation, howsoever arising.

Joint and Individual Obligations.  If more than one Guest signs this agreement, each one shall be individually and completely responsible for the performance of all obligations of the Guest under this Agreement, jointly with every other Guest, and individually, irrespective of whether such Guest is in possession.

Travel insurance is recommended.  This is a recommendation only and it is up to each Guest to determine their individual insurance needs.  For the convenience of our guests Vacation Concierge is a licensed agent representing CSA Travel Insurance which can be purchased for an additional fee.  The cost is 6.95% of the total cost of your vacation.  For example, a $1000 trip cost $69.50 for a travel insurance policy.  Please contact us if you would appreciate the peace of mind and wish to insure your vacation should you have to make a last minute cancellation.

Falsified reservations – Guests who exceed the occupancy limit by falsifying occupancy information at the time of reservation may be subject to eviction.

Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit, and /or rental money, the reservation may be cancelled and the party will not be permitted to check-in. 

VC is not liable or responsible for personal items left behind, lost or stolen.  However, please call us as soon as possible and we will attempt to return any forgotten items to you at your expense.  We look forward to your visit and we hope you will enjoy your stay! 

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